Loans, EMIs, taxes, inflation all this and more doesn’t let us sleep anymore. Owning a house is the big elusive dream today. Every dream to own a house dies a silent death looking at the soaring prices of space that you can call your own at XLSpace


Not that human needs are limited. The minute we buy space, we need all our amenities, and then some more. And it never ends, if we have a small car, we want a big one, if we have a medium bed, we want a big one. Somehow our wants are always one step ahead of us. In this icky situation what if we get a super smart solution to reuse space and facilitate our lives while not compromising on any need. The answer is – XLSpace.

Every year technology introduces us to the miracle of compressing and decluttering. Just like our phones get smaller and smarter, so are our spaces thanks to the innovation of space saving furniture. XLSpace has opened a new avenue for the new age Indian, providing traditional housing style packaged in a modern way.

We at XLSpace bring a range of furniture that smartly utilizes space without making us forgo any needs. It is one step ahead of our wants. Its super intuitive design allows one to save space and have all facilities built in since it’s the age of reusing. It customizes as per the user’s needs to provide a workable solution and easy to use convertible furniture that can combine more than one facility in the given space.

We are a startup of our established parent company – Jayant K Furnishers turnkey interior contractors & ADL architects. The union of a 35-year-old experienced brand along with the zest and energy of XLSpace brings in just the right vision for a user to make his home complete.

It utilizes space effectively by using amazing convertible furniture like dining – center table or sofa – wall- bed that folds into the wall. XLSpace offers a wide range of variety in the convertible furniture that can suit every need, right from kitchen, to kids rooms. Next time you want to have a cup of tea, you don’t have to walk in a maze to reach your coffee table. We ensure that your heads are safe and so are your feet.

We bring in a variety of designs in a cost – effective way to suit every need. Where in Mumbai, an extra room may cost you upto 50 L – 1 cr and is constantly increasing as we speak, a smartly designed room from XLSpace can reduce your cost while not compromising on the furniture one needs.

Look no further people, your dream home is looking right at you. Sit back and let XLSpace magnify your lifestyle.